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git init

git init
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If you’re receiving this it’s because you signed up to my other newsletter Visualizin’ the Realism at Substack - I’m moving away from substack, this will be pretty much the same thing but on Revue.
hi 🤟🏼
For the past 4 years I’ve been actively and very intentionally learning and keeping up to date with python for data things and in the past 2 years, since launching tacosdedatos, I’ve expanded that to all things data.
Personally, I’m very interested in effective data visualization, data engineering and public policy research but people in the tacosdedatos network want to hear about all types of things. Interesting datasets, not-so-mainstream topics in data science, data journalism, programming, GIS tools, cool websites, and a lot more. They share it with me so I can share it with others.
It’s a lot.
There’s more awesome stuff than there is time to talk about it - specially when all of the things are in English and the goal of tacosdedatos is to make that information available in Spanish.
In the past, I would just rant to colleagues and friends but I think some of them are getting tired of it lol. Not everyone wants to hear about the newest update to the Urban Institute’s education data tool and how it can crunch millions of numbers in seconds because AWS got them this grant and they got this massive computer and you just gotta hit their API and it does some basic stats for you like instantly and it’s just so cool, c'mon!

I’m starting this project (this newsletter) for a couple reasons:
  1. I’ve obviously exhausted most people around me that don’t care about data stuff this much but I still want to talk about it
  2. I want to practice writing more often.
  3. I know there are blogs (and I have one @ but those seem like they’re for bigger pieces. This newsletter is gonna be more ephemeral - something between TIL‘s and Weekly notes
PS: Here are some cool things I found on the internet this week:
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By chekos

data rules everything around me. imaginemos cosas chingonas. #blacklivesmatter. data engineer. #dataviz en español -> @tacosdedatos | smol policy bb

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